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Rear bumper (V) Audi A4 B5
Part number : 660018Material: GRP
169.00 GBP
Everyone wants to have a new bumper for your Audi! Today, and so can you! Elegance at a high level...
Rear bumper Audi A4 B5 , only for Avant
Part number : 660019Material: GRP
169.00 GBP
The technology on high level! product made from the best material! Everyone wants to have this!...
Rear bumper (TA) Audi A4 B5
Part number : 202851Material: GRP
169.00 GBP
Your Audi must be altered, you do it with a new bumper that completely change the look of your car....
Rear bumper (Strange) Audi A4 B5
Part number : 390007Material: GRP
169.00 GBP
Your Audi needs a new gift. Affairs of him with the new bumper!...
Rear bumper (GTR) Audi A4 B5
Part number : 331020Material: GRP
169.00 GBP
Affairs to his dad a new bumper to the car Sure to be pleased...
Rear bumper (X-TREME) Audi A4 B5
Part number : 331018Material: GRP
169.00 GBP
Good product, easy installation, high beauty are just some of the advantages of this product...
Rear bumper (F-60) Audi A4 B5 , only for ESTATE
Part number : 331017Material: GRP
169.00 GBP
Do you like beautiful cars? If so they will become even more beautiful with a new bumper...
Rear Bumper (Lost Boy) Audi A4 B5
Part number : 570007Material: GRP
169.00 GBP
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Audi A4 B5 service 2
Produced: from 1994 to 2001 Body:
  • Saloon/Sedan
  • Estate/Wagon
  • Sport versions:
  • S4 - High performance version with A4 lineup.
  • Facelifts:
  • In 1997 some of its features were changed. New six-speed manual gearbox was introduced. Small design changes included: new rear lights, headlights, door handles, and other minor exterior/interior.
  • Notes: First generation of the most popular Audi model - A4 - is known also as a Typ 8D. There are many engine versions ranging from 1.6 till 2.8 litres for petrol engines and a 1.9 litre diesel engine. Its features are a front-mounted longitudinal engine and front-wheel drive. In some models Audi's quattro four-wheel drive system was used. Fully automatic or manual gearbox can be choosen by a driver.