Eyebrows BMW 5 SERIES E34
Part number : 720080
Material: ABS
13.00 GBP
Window spoiler BMW 5 SERIES E34
Part number : 720082
Material: GRP
39.00 GBP
Door sills (M5 Typ 3) BMW 5 SERIES E34
Part number : 411097
Material: Stainless steel
39.00 GBP
Side skirts (ASD) BMW 5 SERIES E34
Part number : 720089
Material: GRP
69.00 GBP
Door sills (M5 Typ 2) BMW 5 SERIES E34
Part number : 411092
Material: Stainless steel
29.00 GBP

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Produced: from 1988 to 1996 Body:
  • Saloon/Sedan
  • Estate/Wagon
  • Facelifts:
  • First facelift of E34 were performed in September 1992 when the mirrors shape was changed.
  • Second one took place in the middle of 1994 when the kidney grill was replaced with so called wide one.
  • Notes: SERIES 5 E34 is a third generation of mid-size class BMW. It was one of the safest cars in its class because it provides airbags, ABS and solid construction. It was also considered as the most reliable luxury car on the market those years. There is a large selection of different engine types for this model as many of them got the prestigious award Engine Of The Year. This model of BMW was replaced by the E39.