Dear Customer, if the delivery / shipping price is not available for your destination, do not worry we have it covered here for you.

The reason why your destination price is not available can be:

  • Your destination country is outside the EU
  • The item is too big to be sent by courier
  • Your destination country is too vast (USA - AUSTRALIA etc) a quote to 1 town can be very different to an other
  • Or simply because we need to request a price from the transport company


All you have to do, is to make a provisional order, it is a free service and very easy to do.

  1. Place the items in your basket
  2. When you are finishes shopping, go to checkout.
  3. Here there is 2 options, you are already registered or not on our website, if you are go to step for 4, if you are not you will need to fill in all the details, don't worry no financial info are needed to registered, it is free;

    Your adress (delivery adress), Name, Email, etc...

    Once you have done so your account will be open and you can go to the next step (4)
  4. Now, as your destination is not priced this order cannot be paid for so all you got to do is follow the instruction and place your order, this process will save your order but will not ask you to pay for anything.

    Your provisional order will be saved as a "quote request" on our system, our agent will updtate the shipping price for you, using the details you have supplied us, within 48 hours. You can accept the quote or not and pay for it if you are happy with it.


You have ordered a small item ( Eyebrows - door sills - small spoiler, etc..).

You have ordered a big item and we have quoted you for a door to door service.

By logging into your account on our website. You can now pay for your order if you are happy with quote. By doing so your order will be active and confirmed, finally shipped when the item is ready.


You have been quote for a CARGO SHIPMENT (AIR OR SEA)

This is probably due to the fact that a door to door service or courier service is too expensive for your destination.

In this case our agents will contact you and propose you the cargo option.

We work with the leading cargo company and we are confident we can get you the best price available out there.

Now if you decide to accept our quote offer this is how it all works:

Step 1 - We will communicate you the cargo shimpment price.

Step 2 - You decide to go ahead and accept it.

Step 3 - We will then update your order and make the order available for a payment. But the shipping price on your order will only show a small amount, not the Cargo shipping quote you have agreed with.

The reason for this is simple, we (Wolverine Design) will only charge you for the parts we sell to you and the transfert from our depot to the cargo shipping company.

The actual cargo shipping will have to be arrange and paid by yourselves only. we will do all the research, all the ground work, you just need to agree with it and pay the amount due.

Step 4 - When it comes to the payment of the order on our website.

You now are happy with the cargo quote and you have logged back into your account on our website.

* You now decide to pay and confirm your order (remember all you are paying to Wolverine Design is the price of each item ordered and the transport from Wolverine Design depot to the Cargo shipping company).

You now view your initial order, you can see we have added an amount for "Transport", click "pay" and you are now redirected to the PAYPAL window.

As you are making the payment (before you have finalised the payment) you will see that there is an option, in the bottom of the screen called "message recipient".

Before making the payment, make sure, you write in that box the following words "PLEASE SEND MY ORDER TO THE CARGO COMPANY BELOW" Using all the details our agents (/*/) have sent you, copy and past the name and the adress of the cargo company we have provided you with.


This bit is extremely important as it is a regulation and a necessity when paying via PAYPAL, if the payment is sent without that message, we will simply decline your payment and erase your order.

(/*/) Our agent will send you all the necessary details before hand.

  • Box size and weight
  • Price of the cargo shipment service
  • The full details of the cargo company offering the service
  • Description of each item packed and shipped
  • Packing list
  • Commerciale Invoice
  • The address of collection of your parcel and the address of delivery of your parcel (airport or seaport to airport or seaport), remember this is not a "door to door**" service.

**If you have requested an additional door to door service; your parcel to be picked up from the delivery port to your home adress, this will have to be requested by yourself to the cargo company who dealt with your shipment. Please note this is not a free service, it will have to be paid and arranged by your self only.

Step 5 - Once your payment has been made accepted by Wolverine Design, the order will be validated.

*If your items are in stock, you order will be sent to the relevant adress, immediately, providing you have now made all the necessary arragements with the Cargo Comapny.

*If your items are not in stock, the delays of production time will be made available (you will be made aware of that before paying for the order). This gives you the time to make the necessary arragements with the cargo company before hand.

We will ship your parcel with all the relevant informations and required documents as well as sending you a hard copy for safe keeping (by email)

Step 6 - Your order has been delivered and signed for by the Cargo company, the remaining journey of your parcel will be a matter between yourself and the cargo comapany but we remain available, would you need any info concerning the parts you have bought from us.


You wish to puschase our products but you are not willing to accept our Cargo shipping quote or wish to use your own ressources, not a problem, let us know and we will be happy to assit you.

The list of best comapnies offering parcel transport is located here:

Best parcell transport in UK

For any questions or informations about the our QUOTING service, please contact us on:

Head Office: 0 1279 771 226 (Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, LONDON UK TIME)

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