All Wolverine Design orders can be paid online. We accept all major credit and debit cards over the phone, we also accept bank transfer. Here at Wolverine Design, we are concerned about your security, we only use safe and secure payment process as well as PayPal. For transactions through PayPal, please contact either the live chat or message us on Facebook.

Orders will not be dispatched till they the full price is payed. This involves the delivery charge and the price of the item/s.

Any cancellation or change of mind must be notified via email, live chat or Facebook within 7 working days, starting the day after the goods are received. All returns must be sent to our warehouse in the same condition in which they were dispatched.


For all mail order items that are sent by us or via our courier, we strongly recommend that you personally check all packages for damage before you sign them off. If any damages are signalled whilst receiving your delivery, you must alert the driver and record the damages on the signatory sheet, that will be provided by the driver. If you fail to do so, Wolverine Design, will not be able to find the person responsible for the damages. The retuning item will have to be sent back to us in the original sealed packaged condition. Once you, the customer, take possession of the items, you will be responsible for their wellbeing. If any parts have been modified, painted or prepared, they will not be considered as a return, this item being not reusable. In the event of an item being left without a signature, the package must be inspected as soon as you have received it into your possession. In these cases, we must be notified of any damages within 24 hours, so we can process an insurance claim. Please DO NOT TO book your car in a workshop or take any time off until you do get your parts delivered in your hands. At Wolverine Design, we use a selection of courier services for our entire range of products, will not take any responsibility for the courier companies having logistic issues and resulting in your delivery not arriving on time.


We do stress our customers that if you are purchasing a fiberglass body styling item, we will not accept any refusal, returns, cancellation or pay for any minor cracks, scuffs or scratches unless it is brought to the attention of the delivery driver and the delivery is refused immediately upon the driver’s arrival. All fiberglass items are resistant and flexible and will be dispatched brand new, free from damages, but during any transit accidents and damages can occur, but we will not be held responsible for it, as the purchaser you must accept this before shopping with us. If any of our products are not fitted properly, Wolverine Design, will help and assist you to replace the goods or offer you a refund, providing the shipping and returns terms and conditions have been followed. We will also require photo evidence of any damages or malfunctions, in order to assess your claim, please carry out a mock test before starting any preparation work or modification, in order to determine if the parts fit your vehicle as we will not be able to accept the parts back, or offer a return as the parts will no longer be in their original state. Some items may need a little alteration to fit your vehicle perfectly, we recommend that you seek professional advice if unsure, or ask us for assistance.


If we do suspect any fraudulent transaction, activities processed through our web shop, PayPal or over the phone, we will seek advice and cooperate with Fraud department of the Hertfordshire Police. Being an internet-based service provider, 98% of the payments made to us are processed by credit or debit cards, we therefore work closely with the Hertfordshire Police in order to learn and prevent any fraud associated with our business. Please note that all registered credit card details are securely checked prior to dispatching the goods.